People tend to think the subject of undertones is for women only as this is mostly associated with makeup and foundation. But, actually, knowing about skin undertones is a great way to help you create a solid wardrobe and arm yourself with pieces that will compliment you best. Whether you are into fashion or just want to find a flattering color, you can try checking your undertone to help you make the right choices when it comes to pieces you should invest in. Here’s a helpful walk-through of everything related to your undertone.

Knowing your undertone can help you better determine which colors would fit you best.

Skin tone vs. undertone

Skin tone refers to your skin’s shade on the surface while undertone is the underlying hue of your skin. There are three types of undertones: cool, warm, and neutral. Regardless of your complexion, you will somehow fall under any of these three undertones. Note that not everyone who has the same skin tone will necessarily have the same undertone.

How to determine your undertone

Before we can help you understand which colors will suit you best, you have to first determine what your undertone is. Here are some of the most common ways to determine yours:

Check the color of your veins. If they appear blue, then you have a cool undertone, but if it appears green then it means you have a warm undertone.

Observe how you react under the sun. People with cooler undertones tend to burn easily, while those with warm undertones tend to just get darker under the sun.

Take a look at your jewelries and watches. If gold is a more flattering color for you, then most likely you have a warm undertone. If you have a cooler undertone, silver is the color for your jewelry.

What if you don’t find yourself leaning towards just one undertone?

Some people find themselves in between as each look varies from one to the next. If you find yourself agreeing with some indicators that you have a cool undertone but you also somehow fit with descriptions for warmer colors, then that might mean that you are neutral. It also means that you also luckily have more color options.

Here's how undertones can help you choose which colors to use as an accent to your look

What colors suit your undertone?

If you have a cool undertone: Try to experiment with jewel tones or pieces that have rich hues. Try exploring colors like ruby red, emerald green, yellow topaz, and sapphire blue. You will also look great in cool grays and crisp whites.

If you have a warm undertone: You will look best in earthy tones like orange, yellow, brown, beige, and off-white. You will also look great with gold accessories.

If you have a neutral undertone: You are a lucky one as you will look great in a huge variety of hues. However, be wary of bringing in bright colors.

How to use these colors for your outfit

Now that you have a better understanding of undertones, you know which colors are the most suitable for your wardrobe. Do not limit yourself by using the colors for your tops or major pieces like jackets. You can also use these colors as a way to accentuate your look through your outfit’s accessories like square pockets and ties.