As it turns out you’re terrible at running. Don’t feel bad, everyone who starts running thinks it’ll be a lot simple than it turns out to be. How hard is it to go outside and start running, right? Sure you’ll be out of shape at first, but eventually it should get easier!

It’s never that simple. You run one day and you’re so beat you mostly walk. The next day you get up super late, and just don’t have time for a run. You skip a day and decide to go tomorrow, in the evening this time when it’s a little cooler. Next thing you know, you haven’t gone for the whole week, and maybe you won’t next week either.

You’re not alone, everyone has has to get over this hump, it can seem difficult (it is) but it will no doubt be worth the struggle in the end. Just think, once you can run well for your exercise, the world becomes your gym! Let’s go over some pointers that will help you get started successfully.

Fuel Up

Think about what meals surround your run. Certainly don’t try and run just after you ate, but you already knew that. More important to consider however, is the meals that surround your run. If you plan to go for a run in the morning, think about what you had for dinner the night before.

If you’ve scarfed down beef and bread all night, odds are your body is still trying to process that abominable mistake, and your body is still trying to process it. Cramps and a stomach full of rocks await. Eating kenogenic-friendly foods will help you fuel up perfectly.

Dehydration is a major culprit for run failure as well, as it leads to muscle fatigue and poor blood flow. Monitor your water intake, make sure it leans towards “a whole lot”. Your urine should be mostly clear, and if it isn’t, drink more water ASAP.

Don’t forget the Warm Up


Running is the ultimate human range of movement, you use just about everything in your body to make it happen. This also means the parts of you that you never even think about, let alone stretch. Make sure your warm-up is a full bod affair, pick a routine and stick to it.

The whole point of warming up is to get your body ready for the run, so skipping it is a no-no, and if you do, your body will feel it. You’re going to be running for a lot longer than you’re going to be getting ready for it, so put the time aside.

Have a Plan

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What is the reason for your new found hobby? Are you trying to lose weight? Stay fit? Get fit? Make sure you start small, don’t make running a thing you hate by the end of the week. Don’t start off saying “I’m going to run every single morning this week, and if I don’t, I’ve failed.” Setting yourself up for failure, is a sure fire way to fail at something your trying to do.

Giving yourself a realistic goal that you can actually complete. Consider starting your run at 3 times a weekday, give yourself two days off and a weekend. When you can feel yourself looking forward to your run, then maybe it’s time to add a day. Every day you run, keep in mind that you won’t reach your goal today, or even tomorrow. This will be a part of your life for the time being, so pace yourself. Don’t sprint yourself silly on any given day, making you too tired the following run day and throwing off the rest of your schedule.

Track your progress with one of the millions of app choices you have, or even something more specific, like a fitbit. Being able to check back at your progress from day to day will be excellent incentive to keep going. Most importantly, make sure it’s something your enjoying. Keep that in mind with every run decision you make.

Allow yourself to have different kinds of run days, use music to set the mood. Not every day has to be scored to your “GET FIT 2018 POWER PLAYLIST”, some days can focus on running leisure-like through the park to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

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