Buying brand-new things is a good investment. For one, it can assure product quality because it was not used by anyone else yet but you. On the other hand, buying second-hand items should not be a thing to be ashamed of.

In fact, many individuals prefer buying second-hand things due to budget constraints. Others simply like digging into thrift shops to find items that are not normally found in retail stores, yet can be bought in an affordable price. Unfortunately, some people seem to be allergic in going to thrift stores because they may be perceived as “cheap” and “too thrifty”.

However, we should remove that thinking from our minds. In fact, there are many valuable items that can actually be found in thrifts and even better bought second-hand. Aside from thrift stores, other locations you can buy valuable second-hand items from include garage sales, pawn shops, dollar stores, and even thru online buy and sell sites.

With these, here are some of the best items you can buy second-hand but will come off as one of the best decisions you will ever make:

1. Exercise equipment

More often than not, most exercise equipment available in second-hand shops such as treadmills and dumbbells are in overall good condition. According to Andrea Woroch, a consumer and money-saving expert, this may be so because “many people buy these items with an intention of starting a regimen but fall off quickly and then try to unload these bulky goods that take up too much room.” However, it is best to research the equipment brand and test the product first before snagging it.

2. Products with lifetime warranty

Such items, including second-hand Tupperware containers, JanSport bags, and Briggs & Riley luggages, can be good deals when bought at second-hand stores. According to online shopping expert Brent Shelton, you should take advantage of these brands’ warranties. You may be sent the same item repaired, replaced with a brand-new one, or provided vouchers.

3. Designer brands (clothes, bags, shoes, etc.)

We all know how expensive designer brands can be. Fortunately, many second-hand stores offer designer clothes, bags, shoes, and many more. Although these are not sparkling brand-new, at least you can get them at a more reasonable price.

4. Old CDs / vinyl discs / cassette tapes

Before MP3s and Spotify ruled the music world, there were vinyl discs, cassette tapes, and compact discs – in that order. Nowadays, the first two can be quite hard to find, in today’s retail stores at least. In this case, second-hand stores can be a music lover’s haven, which can be bought for less than $1!

5. Cars

These are already common in the buy-and-sell world. However, choosing the right second-hand car with the right price is not that easy. Thankfully, there are many useful sites you can check out for affordably-priced used cars. Of course, price should not only be your consideration. You should also check the car’s function as well as its flaws if there’s any.

6. Furniture

Again, buying new furniture in home improvement stores can be quite costly as well. Thankfully, there are many thrift stores that can save your day and your money from expensive sofas or whatnot. Some shops even offer pick-up and delivery of buying and selling second-hand furniture. Plus, buying second-hand furniture can give you the liberty of redecorating it as you please.

7. Books

Most books are read from cover to cover once, then becomes a display on your bookshelf once you are done reading it. If you want to save money and get to read your favorite books at the same time, why not try going to second-hand book stores? You may be surprised with the assortment of titles you can find at an affordable price.

8. Baby products

If only babies can remain babies forever… except that they cannot. They will grow into toddlers, adolescents, teenagers, and into full-fledged adults. Somewhere in your house, your child’s stroller, crib, and other things he or she used are stored in obscurity. Why not try to sell it instead? More often than not, many parents would vie to buy used but not abused baby products at a reasonable price!

9. Musical instruments

Many second-hand stores offer hand-me-down musical instruments that are of good quality and affordable price. After all, such instruments are actually more high-quality than those produced nowadays that are made of plastic or metal. Nevertheless, it is best to research first before buying that much-coveted violin, drum set, or whatever musical instrument that is.

10. Appliances

Brand-new appliances can also be expensive, but opting for second-hand appliances such as washing machines or a vacuum can be a big deal. Still, you should check the usage as well as the warranty to ensure that you get the best of your second-hand purchase.

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