The one time of year to look your best is in the summer. There is no question about it. You are on constant display at BBQs, beach parties, and vacations. So it’s time to prepare your self and upgrade that wardrobe for summer 2018. There are some things to know before you splurge at American Eagle.
Yes, the tank tops and cut off shorts will be always be the safe way to blend in. If you want to stand out, then you need to follow several rules this year. It may seem unconventional at first but you are assured to be the best dressed in your group of friends.

Imprint Those Shorts

The graphic-designer shirts were a thing 8 years ago. Today those designs have transferred to shorts. There’s an abundance of shorts this season that have employed quirky designs. To prove the point, the Gucci Florida Snake printed shorts that was recently released and has been a seriously hot seller. But even more affordable selections have appeared from Old Navy and Gap.

More Wired Glasses

The retro look appears to be on the way back. That’s why you should be purchasing an array of wire-rimmed glasses. Yes, it’s very 1960s hippy. But when you are wearing a pink polo and pink shorts the accessory will be the selling point on summer fashion points this year.

Vertical Stripes

This is a trend that has begun take fire in the last year. It also extends for shorts this summer season. In fact, the vertical striped look is a go-to pattern. The vertical striped trend was even rocked brilliant by Armie Hammer in “Call Me By Your Name”, despite being a 1980s period piece. But similar styles to Hammer’s character’s look have emerged this season, from short-sleeved to t-shirts. Just make sure you wear a solid colored slacks or shorts. Because those stripes will definitely clash.

Being Tonal

For years now, the rule is that opposite colors attract. But this summer season, it’s okay wear all black, all gray, all white and all blue. This trend for 2018 also goes for suits and short outfits. So don’t be afraid to match entirely. But for the summer season, you should go for lighter colors such as baby blue and beige. If you want to take it up a notch, then go for an orange or red approach.

Side Stripe Pants are the Thing

In the 1990s, the side stripe pants were the rage. But this summer style has made a full return. The sporty look has taken an upward turn in the last year. It may look like you are running a marathon but you undeniably comfortably and stylish There’s the loose baggy side-striped option, and there’s the skinny look. Either one you can’t go wrong. For years, the side-stripe trousers were only seen in dark colors. Now fashion giants like Prada and Gucci are releasing light and brighter colored options, giving you more chances to match your T-shirts and knits.

Dress Like Your Dad

This is a trend that had begun more than a year ago. But the “Dad Denim” look doesn’t seem to slow down for the summer. First off, you should pick up cropped jeans. You don’t want excess fabric hanging below your feet. The relax straight style denim is definitely the choice to go with. You want to pin roll your cuffs or have them cut short to show off your ankles. In the summer, this look will allow you airy, comfortability in the hot months and you will still maintain that level of chicness.

Throw on the Technical Jackets

Yes, the bomber jacket is still in style for 2018 but the windbreaker is the way to go for the summer. The light outer coat works perfectly with your hoodies, jeans, shorts and knits. And the technical jacket has gone through massive makeover in recent years. A lot of the newer editions have been released with pastels and dark colors. When the temperature drops in the evenings, this is the best option to rock.

Regardless of these summer suggestions, the key to making your summer style work is feeling yourself. If you are comfortable, then these wardrobe choices glisten off of you.

Image credit: Nitin Dhumal [Pexels]

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