Avoid looking weak and puny and stick to this guide when ordering a cocktail. You’ll find the perfect drink for every occasion.

These drinks are uniquely suited to the many facets of the male lifestyle. Find your favorite and get ready to impress your friends when you head to the bar. Here are the top 10 manliest drinks ranked.

10. The Gin and Tonic

The Gin and Tonic is a classic cocktail that’s perfect for enjoying by the pool, or on a hot summer night. Refreshing but it still packs a punch. It’s perfect for when you’re looking for something relaxed and sweet, but you don’t want to go full Appletini.

9. Craft Beer

This one is tricky because you can easily move into douche territory is you get too hung up on the ingredients. You don’t need to gush over the type of hops the brewer used, just enjoy it. There are hundreds of local breweries around the country, and it can be a lot of fun exploring them with your friends.

Each brew has a unique flavor, so men who drink craft beer on the regular appear more spontaneous. Watch out; Craft Beers are usually higher alcohol content than a regular domestic, so don’t expect to pound them like their Rolling Rocks. Just remember, the only comment you need make about a Craft Beer’s taste is “nice.”

8. Jack and Coke

Name a more iconic duo. Jack and Coke is never a bad choice. It’s not pretentious nor unrefined; it’s a great go-to in just about any scenario. If you’re watching your calories, go for the Jack and Diet. Just make sure you don’t ask for an expense whiskey instead of Jack Daniels. Otherwise, you’ll look like a plebe.

7. Champagne

This one is probably a surprise, but keep an open mind. Drinking champagne gives you a little extra bit of class. It’s the go-to drink for legends such as DJ Khaled and Kanye West. Champagne is perfect for the beach, pool parties, relaxing with your lady, and dinner parties.

Plus champagne is crisp, light, and refreshing, making it a perfect choice if you’re looking to day drink. You don’t have to break the bank either; a simple $12 bottle will work just fine. Fight the temptation to add orange juice or else you’re in for a severe hangover.

6. Vodka Martini

So martinis are pretty much straight up booze. James Bond drank them religiously before going out to slaughter the baddies and get the girl. Much like Champagne, the Vodka Martini is classy but only in the appropriate venue. If you show up to a tailgate drinking one, you’ll just look like a drunk.

Save this one for a fancy dinner or a cocktail party. As far as customization, stay away from fruity syrups. They contain a lot of sugar and will leave you feeling whipped in the morning. Stick with the classic olive juice.

5. Whiskey and Ginger

This is a classic cocktail that doesn’t get enough attention. The ginger-ale has a more subtle flavor than coke, so you taste the whiskey more. Plus, it’s guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows around the bar when you order one. Watch as everyone else stares at their boring cocktails and thinks “I should have ordered that.”

4. Old Fashioned

The favorite drink of Don Draper from Madmen, the Old Fashion is a classic and simple cocktail. It contains all the necessary elements and nothing more. When you order an Old Fashion, it gives you the appearance of knowing exactly what you want.

3. Red Wine

Red wine is key. It goes well in virtually every situation or the environment. Whether it’s a fine bottle of Yellow Tail or a box of Franzia, it’ll give you that air of sophistication. It’s also heart healthy, full of antioxidants, and studies have shown it can help you lose weight if enjoyed in moderation.

2. Domestic Beer

You know what drinking a plain old Coors Light says about you? You’re a man who works his ass off all week and just wants to relax without getting all full of himself. That confidence is what makes the domestic beer one of the manliest. Like most of the other drinks on this list, where you drink this is almost as important as what you’re drinking.

A nice dinner with your lady or a black tie event, go with something a little higher class. The Domestic Beer is your working beer, and men have been gathering around it for hundreds of years. An excellent way to enhance a cheap beer is to add a few olives with juice. If you’re trying to party or had an extra bad week, pair it with a shot of whiskey to make it a boilermaker.

1. Scotch on the Rocks

Finely crafted Scotch Whiskey and an ice cube, that’s it. Men who order this have well-developed pallets and enjoy the beverage one slow sip at a time. You need to be careful with this one; there’s no chaser or anything to water it down, so you can end up sloppy without meaning to.

Make sure you do your research and try a few different brands until you find one that suits your tastes. Proper etiquette is the bartender reuses the same glass and ice cube for every round. Pairs well with a nice cigar and stimulating conversation.

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