Valentine’s Day is upon us and it’s that time of the year when shops are dominated with heart-shaped chocolates, stuffed toys, and an assortment of gifts. It’s also one of the busiest and possibly hardest times to book a seat in your favorite restaurant.

With all the effort that you have exerted just to make this date special, of course, it would be nice if you’d dressed your best. While it’s easy to wear your go-to date night outfit, it would be nice to surprise your partner on this special day.

If you’re not sure what to wear, don’t worry, we have some great ideas for you. Check out these outfit inspirations that you can rock on your upcoming Valentine’s date.

Here are some outfit ideas for your perfect date (and we made sure it fits your personality, too!)

Street smart

The outfit: Accent suede jacket, plain top, suit slacks, stylish boots
Perfect for: A nice dinner out

Show off your street smarts in this classic and seasoned ensemble. Wear your trusty staples, and create a look that’s a good mix of formal and casual. The bomber jacket will make it look a little laid back, while the nice sleek boots will definitely be great for that dinner.

Casual and chill

The outfit: Flannel, soft colored chinos, oxfords, statement jacket
Perfect for: A sweet brunch or casual stroll in the nearby gallery

The right kind of preppy and casual, this look will definitely look great during the daytime — each piece carefully put together to create a relaxed yet undeniably stylish outfit. Top it off with some shades and your favorite leather watch and you’ll definitely be the most stylish guy at brunch.

Step up your look for your date with these outfit suggestions!

Anything goes

The outfit: Denim jacket, comfortable shirt, jeans, sneakers
Perfect for: Day date or Disneyland visit

Spending a long day with your girl? Be sure to wear something comfortable! A day date will involve a lot of strolling, walking, and exploring, so be sure you’re prepared with the right outfit. A comfortable cotton shirt will be nice for a hot day, and sneakers will look and feel great for extra long walks.

Night owl

The outfit: Coat, dark sweater, pants, boots
Perfect for: Drinks at the bar

Are you the type of couple who loves to hang out for drinks at night or after work? Then this look is great for you. Grab your trusty coat and go all dark on your inside layers. Black is always sexy, and a nice coat will keep you warm and stylish.

The lazy outfit

The outfit: Comfortable shirt, sweatpants, white sneakers, varsity Jacket
Perfect for: Staying in or a picnic in the park

Going for a nice picnic and staying in afterwards? Then you don’t have to go over the top. Wear a comfortable and great-fitting shirt, your favorite white sneakers, and a nice varsity or statement jacket to top it off. It’s casual, but make sure you choose your pieces wisely so they’ll look good together.