No matter which way you shake it, jeans are always going to be a fashion go-to when you’re trying to keep it fresh and casual. Few other clothing options are so versatile that you can wear them all year around, except of course for the infamous black t-shirt. The only choice you really have to make where jeans are concerned is what fits you best.

There are tons of options when it comes to finding the best denim for you, but there are really only a handful of options that you can really count on. Every outlet out there will sell you a pair of jeans from every taper and cut there is, and only a fraction of them will look the way you’re hoping they will.

With the fall weather creeping up on us, you’re going to want to continue looking sharpest no matter how casual you want to be. Nothing says sharp like a crisp pair of blue jeans to match that crisp autumn air, so what say we dive into some of the best options for you to wear this year? You can thank me later.

Levi’s Men’s 501

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I’d be doing you a disservice if the first pair I listed weren’t a pair of Levi’s. When you think American Jeans, you think about that little red tag and a bunch of young twenty somethings sitting around a campfire on a beach. Don’t pretend you haven’t seen the ad.

501’s come in just about every cut, from their classic original fit to relaxed fit. Every one of these pairs are about as good as denim can get and will last you forever and a day. This classic pair won’t wreck your wallet but you can be sure it’ll look good in the back pocket. Grab a pair of these for just under sixty bucks and you’ll never want another pair of jeans again.

Calvin Klein Straight Leg

Calvin Klein, the other American brand you can trust from t-shirts to underwear and it doesn’t stop there. Their straight leg jeans will fit you like they were made for you, regardless of the cut you’re usually into.

These pants were designed to taper off just right no matter what sort of shoes you’re wearing, but I humbly suggest you go with a classic sneaker to top it all off. They sit just below the waist with some a sharp lightly faded wash just along the thigh, and are every bit as durable as the aforementioned legendary Levi’s.

MTailor Men’s Jeans

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So you’re looking for a pair of jeans that might be more specific to your denim needs huh? Why not try out MTailor. You can use their app to order a custom pair of jeans catered to your specific body type and shape, using a camera to literally scan your body from multiple angles. These are then crafted just for you out of 100 percent cotton to make you look your best, so if you’re looking to take that first step into custom tailored jeans, this is your answer.

Mavi Zach Deep Cashmere Jeans

Maybe what I’ve listed so far are a little too old school for your tastes. Perhaps you’re looking for something new to freshen up your wardrobe, or you already have that perfect pair of blue jeans. Mavi Zach’s jeans are soft, and I mean crazy soft. You’ll think you’re gearing up for a night in as you slip these on for your night out.

These jeans are woven with some cashmere to give you a lightweight special, making it more comfy than anything you’ve got in your closet. I’ll have to recommend the straight leg cut, as they’re the most versatile look and will go with whatever you’re trying to pull off.

You can’t go wrong with any of these jeans, but if you don’t have a pair that you swear by yet, go with the Levi’s. There are a few things you can go wrong with though. Don’t do distressed jeans, and definitely don’t go with those over-stained denim fabrics unless they cost upwards of 100 dollars and are from a label you recognize. Check back back for more Fall looks and I’ll make sure you’re looking at a brand new closet come the new year.



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