Do you know what Nick Jonas, Tom Hanks, and Larry King have in common? They all have diabetes. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US, according to American Diabetes Association.

As a kid, we simply hear from our parents; if you eat too many sweets, you will get diabetes. But what is diabetes? Somehow, too much sugar intake can cause diabetes. In this condition, the pancreas is unable to produce insulin or ineffectively uses the insulin in the body. Insulin enables glucose to be used by cells in the body as energy. Insulin keeps the blood sugar within normal levels. Diabetes involves how our body converts glucose, a form of sugar which is stored in the body.

With our changing dietary pattern and lifestyle practices, diabetes had become more and more prevalent even in younger population. However, diabetes can be controlled through healthy lifestyle and maintenance medication. Of course, we don’t have to wait to be diagnosed with the disease before we make changes. Prevention is better than cure, as the old saying goes.

Exercise Keeps Diabetes At Bay

With the advancement of technology, most people now are working with the help of computers. Indeed it makes tasks easier, but sitting long hours every day can lead to debilitating health issues. If you have been sedentary for quite awhile, due to your job or lack of motivation to exercise, you are not only at risk for diabetes but also for obesity and heart diseases.

With exercise, you will be able to achieve a healthy physique and a sound mind. So better change your routine and start living your day with activities that keep you moving and active. At least 30 min of continuous exercise a day can help prevent diabetes and other diseases. Instead of using a car, you can walk or ride a bike towards your destination. If you are not running late, use the stairs instead of the elevator. For people who already have diabetes, it is an effective and proven way to lower blood sugar levels.

Monitor Blood Sugar Level

By having your blood sugar levels checked you would know if you are within normal levels. Monitoring can help identify if maintenance medication if effective. It can be a prick on your fingertip or extracted blood. It may hurt a little, but it’s better than hurting from the consequences of uncontrolled diabetes. However, having normal blood sugar doesn’t give you a pass to stop eating right and living healthy. You still need to continue your good habits to maintain your good health for years to come.

Eating Healthy Keeps You Diabetes Free

Your diet should involve a variety of food with more fruits and vegetables. You can make a menu or plan that is low in fat and calories. Stay away from fast foods and sugary drinks. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated, and you can increase fluid intake during physical activity and warm weather.

Love Your Lungs And Stop Smoking

Smoking is unhealthy and can cause further complications if you have diabetes. Cigars contain nicotine that constricts blood vessels affecting blood circulation. People with diabetes who smoke are at risk for kidney failure and further damage to the body. To help with your smoking problems, there are smoking cessation clinics that can help.

Keep Your Feet Healthy

Keep it clean all the time. The feet are far down there, and gravity can affect its blood flow, making it more prone to healing issues. Make sure to cut nails properly. Visit a podiatrist to address ingrown nail properly, don’t attempt to remove them yourself. Use clean nail cleaner or cutters and sterilize before use to avoid infection. Wear soft and comfortable shoes or socks to protect the feet. Love your feet so will not lose them.

Diabetes Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Unfortunately, diabetes can affect the nerves and blood circulation in your entire body. This does not exempt your penis, thus resulting in an inability to get an erection. This is why it is vital to control sugar levels and follow doctor’s treatment regimen to avoid this complication.

And Yeast Infection

Women who have diabetes are more prone to developing yeast infections. People with diabetes have an altered immune response, and their body’s natural environment is affected. With high blood sugar, mucus in the vagina can become sweeter making it perfect place for bacteria to thrive.

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