From building muscle to fat burn to endurance training or in need of inspiration, ActiveMan has uncovered the best men’s blogs for fitness you’ve never heard of. Read on to find a blog to fit your needs:

There are millions of opinions and suggestions for optimal fitness at our fingertips in the blog world.

Sifting through the best men’s blogs for fitness can be frustrating because it seems like with every click of a button someone without a degree or applicable certification is trying to get you to buy some product from a multi-level marketing company.

Nothing is a bigger mood killer than reading incredible content and then at the end having the author try to sell you on why product XYZ will make your sweat begin to sweat, that’s how hot this product is.

When looking for the best men’s blogs for fitness, it’s imperative to find the experts and not another salesperson. Experience is vital, and the ability to offer proof of concept is gold.

ActiveMan has discovered several notable men’s blogs from fitness experts you’ve never heard of. Their content is honest, their workouts are killer, and the following is loyal and continuously growing.

And best of all, there isn’t any side hustle going on. The passion for their craft shines through in their blogs, and their suggestions are superb.

Take a look, pay attention, and incorporate some seize the advice from some of the best men’s blogs you’ve never heard of.

10 Valuable Blogs on Fitness

1. Fat Man Unleashed

Fat Man Unleashed is a weight loss blog, and though it is a little dated the information on the blog is strong and applicable to those who are struggling with losing weight.

The founder, Israel Lagares discusses his triumphs on his weight loss quest and also documents his misguided path as he dealt with life-changing obstacles.

It’s honest and heartbreaking and speaks to many who struggle to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

2. Ross Training

Ross Training is a blog and fitness website founded by Ross Enamait who has been training and is an established boxing coach for over 15 years.

Ross Training emphasizes the importance of strength building and improved athletic ability through innovative workouts.

His website is very interactive with thousands of followers who provide feedback on his videos and give suggestions and modifications.

He also recognizes the uniqueness of individuals whether it’s a drive or socioeconomic.

Ross has an entire community of homemade equipment to stretch his influence on those who might not have access to a gym of equipment. This guy truly loves what he does and wants to impact lives positively through exercise.

Check out his blog for inspiration, workouts and do it yourself projects.

3. Tony Gentilcore

This former collegiate baseball player has made a name for himself through his featured fitness content on, T-Nation,, Men’s & Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and the list goes on and on.

Tony is the best blogger when it comes to fitness. His workouts are adaptable to men and women, and he is a regular kind of guy. His strength is increasing athletic performance through weight training.

He taps into golfers, baseball, football, and it doesn’t matter because Tony understands what it takes to be an elite athlete.

He co-founded the outstanding sports performance gym, Cressey Sports Performance, just outside of Boston over a decade ago with Eric Cressey.

This website is a fantastic one-stop shop for those who are looking to add variety to their workout routine.

4. Breaking Muscle

I know this focuses on the best men’s blog, but before we push forward with Breaking Muscle, this website is a collection of information, ideas, and practices from dozens of experts and coaches.

Breaking Muscle includes a lot of information about women as well, but truly is unique because it covers almost every sub topic and niche training methods imaginable.

Whether you fancy CrossFit, yoga, endurance, rowing, this is the best blog for fitness. A one-stop shop to flip through information from experts, coaches, nutrition specialists and doctors.

5. Roman Fitness Systems

Roman Fitness Systems is easily the most popular website we are highlighting. About 147k followers on Facebook hook into what founder John Romaniello and his team voice about fitness and reshaping your body.

Roman Fitness Systems (RFS) is one of the best blogs for men and women when it comes to nutrition, building muscle, cutting, toning, and increasing the sexiness factor.

Based out of NYC, RFS offers to coach to those who sign up. But flipping through the articles and website archives, you can find the best men’s blog fitness workouts and supplement articles written by trainers and exercise experts.

This site is primarily for those who are not sensitive to foul language. You’ve been warned.

6. Primal Swoledier- Eric Leija

This guy can do some incredible movements with a kettlebell. Eric Leija is a popular Instagram fitness star based out of Austin, Texas.

This guy has superhuman strength, and his website and blog will offer the best instructional workouts, videos and training tools for those who are looking to incorporate bodyweight, sandbag, resistance, and kettlebell training.

Eric offers a unique take on strength training and seems to transform people’s lives and the body through proper diet and customized work out plans.

7. A Workout Routine

This website is the best kept secret blog on the web. The creator and author of A Workout Routine, Jay, remain relatively anonymous.

But his finger is on the pulse when it comes to men’s fitness blogs. His information is rather cut and dry, and no topic is taboo.

Whether it’s a question about how to turn fat into muscle, he will write a blog post educating readers on why fat can never morph into muscle, and then follows up with scientific facts to back his argument up.

Jay is a regular guy who loves fitness and improving readers lives. His workouts for building muscle and fat loss are free.

And you can get some significant information about your macros off this blog. He has articles aimed at women, but for the most part, Jay tends to zoom in on helping men achieve their fitness goals.

8. Darebee

If you are familiar with Reddit, you’ve seen some of Darebee workouts circulating. Everything on this website is free. The website is run entirely on donations.

There’s a plethora of various bodyweight exercises, programs, and challenges which are all featured on easy to read infographics.

From an objective opinion, Darebee appeals to those who do not have immediate access to a gym and are looking to do their workouts in hotels or at home.

The programs are fun, and there’s so much variety anyone can pick one to fit their lifestyle. The infographics make this blog and website easily one of the best ones around.

9. 39 Minute Workout

Do you feel you might not have enough time in the day to focus on your health?

This blog offers various exercises for those with time restrictions, but the intensity is phenomenal. This blog provides guidance and insight into making healthy changes in nutrition, body envy, and managing life balance with working out.

There are videos from the creators, and if you feel the style fits with what you’re looking for, it’s a privately owned business that offers online coaching packages.

The content is updated a little too infrequently, but the information is valuable and allows this fitness blog to stand out.

10. Brad Borland

The moment Hollywood finds this blog this guy’s life will be a movie. If you need a little “fitspiration” in your day, turn to Brad.

He is a regular, down to earth guy who has been deployed to Afghanistan and has also battled cancer.

He writes about his experiences and has also written a book for beginners looking to get into bodybuilding.

He offers advice that a father would give to their son as they begin a new journey towards a life of healthy living. Check his very personal and awe-inspiring men’s blog.

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