When you have no idea what home decor is but you don’t want to live in a cave either, you can follow a number of simple design rules which can help you decorate your house.

Look for comfort

When you start decorating your house forget about design and focus on comfort. The home needs to be comfortable first, so look for items which make you feel good. A good looking couch which is not comfy is not helpful and can’t be adjusted to be comfortable. But a comfy couch can always be enhanced to look good.

Can’t go wrong with vintage

A safe bet is the vintage look, so choose furniture in this style. Old desks and dressers come with their own story and charm and can be enhanced by vintage style rugs to create a stylish look. An added benefit of vintage items is that they are built to last. Only the best items pass the test of time, so when you buy something vintage you invest in something durable.

Go large

Nothing speaks masculinity than heavy furniture or furniture which looks heavy. You can pick one item which looks heavy, like a desk and then surround it with lighter items, which can balance the look, without making the room look too soft.

Stick to basic elements

If you are not sure what to do, aim for basic materials, like raw wood, glass, stone and metal. They are manly and can easily be matched with softer textures to create a masculine décor. You can also look for items which mimic these materials, but make sure they don’t look cheap.

Don’t be afraid to show your personality

After you’ve got the essential furniture for your house you can add some personal touches. Don’t be afraid to expose your favorite items, like model planes or cars. Or whatever you love, as long as it’s not a huge collection of comics. If you are bold enough, you can even show off your favorite portrait of Angelina Jolie in the form of a burlesque picture. Speaking of art, you are always safe when you choose black and white photos.

Straight lines and grays

A simple way to decorate your home is to use simple lines. Modern, clean cuts are manly and provide a clutter-free look for your house. Match them with earthly tones of gray, which can be paired with silver, green and blue for a coherent home decor.

Play with the lights

Most men choose sharp lights in order to make their homes look masculine. Unfortunately, these lights are often too strong for a room where straight lights and gray tones are the norm. Resist the temptation to light up the space to the maximum and opt for dimming lights, which are going to create a cozy environment, without softening the atmosphere too much.

Always keep in mind that less is more when you decorate your house, so keep it simple and comfortable, until you meet someone who can help you with home décor.

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