It is not an alien idea that maintaining an overall body fitness is of utmost importance nowadays. We hear news about young people suffering from major health ailments.

Fitness is not just about building a nice looking physique; it is beyond that. It is not just about lifting weights but it is also about eating right, sleeping right and much more.

Go Go

Yes, this is what your Fitbit tells you if you are idle for a long time. Hitting the gym once every day and then doing no other activity will not really help you in a long run. Activity should be distributed equally throughout the day.

Eat Right

Many of you must not be aware that a healthy diet contributes 80% of your overall fitness regime and exercise only contributes 20%. I really do not need to emphasis on how important it is to eat the right kind of food. It’s not just the right food but the quantity which also matters. Do not consume a few big meals but many small meals throughout the day.

Sleep Sound

Till recently, awareness amongst people about the relation between a fit body and sleep was blur. Sleeping untimely or inadequate has adverse effects on both body and mind. Have you noticed how fresh you feel throughout the day after a good night’s sleep? Or how tired you feel if you miss on your sleep?

You must be eating right and exercising right to be fit. So next time if you think about doing an all-nighter, think twice.

The importance of Time

Now you have learned about eating right and doing physical activity but the key here is to maintain a time. You need to maintain the time when you wake up, when you eat and when you work out. If you do not do things timely then it is as good as not doing it. 

Water the Elixir

This point seems to be insignificant for many of you as you might think that this is so obvious. Well, when we are absorbed in trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, we forget basic things. All of us drink water only when we are thirsty but if you want a fit body, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water or 2 liters of water per day. If not, you will face weight issues due to water retention in the body or other kidney diseases.

Maintain Health Precautions

Following a healthy lifestyle is the best way to remain fit but it is also advisable to get your fitness level and health assessed at least once in a year.

Statistics reveal that people who get a yearly checkup done are healthier and have a better lifespan than the ignorant once. Doctors’ advice to get an overall body health checkup done every year. There are many general packages you can book in your nearby clinic. But do not forget gender specific tests as well, especially females need to get themselves tested for a healthy uterus. Getting such crucial tests done from a generic clinic might not be accurate. There are critical uterine specialized clinics which helps you to diagnose and rectify such issues.

All the points above are quite basic. You must be already aware of these but how many of you really follow all of these without skipping a few? Doing something half-hearted will not yield any results, hence to be fit overall, practice all of the above tips with utmost sincerity. 


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