The female orgasm has been the object of contemplating paintings, music, poems, and pretty much every other art known to men. Yet, it is not the objects of artists alone, as it also makes for a fascinating field of scientific study. For example, the scientist and layman alike are captivated by the question of how to make the female orgasm last longer. There’s also thousands of studies dedicated to the types of female orgasm, and so many other subjects involving it.

If you have a mind for experimentation, you can start by perusing the best lubricant for women and educating yourself more about the female orgasm myth. Of course, that includes clearing out any misconceptions you may have about the matter. So, you’re interested in learning some facts about the female orgasm, let’s find out what this article explain?

Some Women Can’t Orgasm at All

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We should start by delivering the bad news that you, as a woman, may not be able to orgasm at all. It’s a condition that affects 15% of all women and can be global, meaning you may not orgasm at all, or situational where you only get off under specific circumstances.

Male And Female Orgasm: One And The Same?

The penis and clitoris are homologous organs that develop from the same tissue within the womb, so they work in basically the same ways. They are connected to the spine, and by extension, the brain by a pair of pudendal nerves, present in both sexes.

The Best Position

Now to let you in on a little secret: there are, indeed, sex positions for female orgasm. In fact, the sexual position that facilitates the female orgasm the most is “doggie style.” It stimulates the clitoris and vagina simultaneously, which makes sex all the more pleasurable for her. So, pat yourselves on the back guys, the female anatomy is on your side on this one. 

Orgasms Make you Look Younger

Ah yes, if only Juan Ponce de Leon knew that the fountain of youth laid in a jungle of an entirely different nature! Maybe he would have died a little older (and happier). But yes, a study conducted in England has shown that orgasms make people look younger than their age. Fascinating stuff, right? 

It Lets You Forget Fear

One of the benefits of female orgasm? Apparently, fearlessness! With all the dopamine and chemical activity that happens in the brain during sex, it’s no wonder that some strange stuff goes on upstairs. During an orgasm, a woman’s brain parts that handle fear will shut down completely, making it impossible for them to feel fear in any way.

The Best Day for Sex

You read it right, although most people asked about the best sex timing would answer “often” there is a day when sex is guaranteed to be the best. That is the 14th day of a woman’s menstrual cycle when her clitoris grows by up to 20% of its original size at the start of ovulation. 

11 Facts You Didn’t Know About Female Orgasms

The Best Cure For a Headache

Forget about painkillers and the sort. An orgasm cured 60% of people suffering from migraines. Getting off is just great for pain in general, as it also helps with menstrual cramps. So, if you want to get things going, try to go for the female orgasm during the massage experience, which will provide an added level of relaxation.

It (Unfortunately) Doesn’t Make You Lose Weight

We all heard the tall-tales of how a good climax does wonders for your waistline, but we are sorry to rain on your parade for the sake of truth. A female orgasm only spends a measly two to three calories, almost the same as a sneeze!

It Strengthens Emotional Bonds

I mean, that constant sex is good for a relationship is a fact you probably already knew, but what is the science behind it? During a female orgasm, the body releases four times the normal levels of oxytocin, also colloquially known as the bonding hormone. So yes, female orgasm is going to make a woman feel a deeper emotional connection to the “collaborator” of her climax.

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