The time it takes a man to finish VS the time it takes for a woman in the bedroom is a little ridiculous. That’s why men are trying to last longer in bed.

Men need to last longer in bed. That’s just the reality of sex nowadays. Women take longer to finish and if you’re not allowing her to get there, well, don’t plan on sleeping with her ever again.

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In order to get laid more, you need to know how to keep a woman satisfied, which means lasting longer.

Instead of giving you a bunch of random ways to last longer that might and might not work, we took to Reddit to see what real men are doing to avoid finishing too early.

Here are the top ways they’re lasting longer in bed:

1. Think about the consequences of pregnancy

If you’re trying to avoid kids, thinking about the responsibility and the consequences involved with finishing too early and not getting out in time will help you hold it in.

That stress and dread will decrease the pleasure, which stops you from finishing. This specific Reddit user states, “I think about how pregnancy is always a possibility,” and it’s enough to make him hold out for a bit longer.

2. Get distracted

This user gives us all of his secrets, stating,

“I have two strategies.

  1. I look around whatever room I’m in and count things. 25 slats on the blinds, 10 books on the shelf… You get the point
  2. Pick a category and list out everything that you can think of. Pie varieties, Pokemon, car makers, European countries

This helps me last, and I don’t have to think about dead puppies or nuns!”

His strategy is pretty easy to understand. He gets distracted and focuses his mind on something completely different in order to last longer. This also prevents him from having to think about horrific things just to last a little longer!

3. Think about the stresses in your life

One user does this simple thing: “Think about my crippling debt…” If that doesn’t get you out of the sexual mood, I don’t know what will. The bases of this method is pretty simple, if you think about things that stress you out, you’ll last longer.

The pleasure will be replaced with stress. And since stress is something that can lead to a lower libido in general, it’ll definitely help you avoid busting too early.

4. Get yourself off earlier in the day

This is a pretty common technique men use when they know they’re going to get laid later in the day. They get themselves off earlier so they’ll be less horny and less likely to finish early.

This Reddit user phrased it as, “Fire a warning shot before the date.” And that just means if you know you’re going out and about to get laid, be prepared and finish yourself off so you have more stamina later.

5. Subdue your senses with alcohol

We all know how alcohol affects a man’s ability to get off. This Reddit user even uses it as a means to last longer in the bedroom. He says, “Beer. Drink a ton of beer.”

And, according to science, his methods are sound. Alcohol actually damages the blood vessels to a man’s penis and makes maintaining an erection a lot more difficult. That means it’ll also make finishing a lot more difficult.

So if you’re quick to pull the trigger or you just want to make sure you don’t jump the gun, have a couple! Just make sure you don’t drink too much or it can prevent you from finishing at all.

6. Try to turn yourself OFF

Now, this probably isn’t the BEST method since it requires you to think about something and someone other than the person you’re having sex with, but some men swear by it. This user specifically suggests to, “Think about a really ugly person while you’re having sex.”

We can’t argue with that logic but just remember, you’re having sex with that person for a reason. If you want to last longer and still be able to think about them and not some other ugly person, try another method.

7. Change positions and hold it in!

This last one is a two part method. One Reddit user swears by this: “Pull out and change positions. Also just squeeze like you’re trying not to pee throughout the day. It’ll make your ‘I don’t wanna cum yet’ muscle stronger.” He’s not wrong.

The muscles he’s referring to specifically are the kegels. Exercising these muscles can help you have a lot more control over when you finish. That means you’ll be able to prevent yourself from finishing way too early.

Knowing how to last longer in the bedroom is just another way you can please your woman. And the more satisfied she is, the more likely she is to keep coming back for more.

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