Meggings are the latest craze in men’s fitness apparel. They not only look stylish and sexy, but also help fitness gurus improve their performance. We’re by no means saying that men’s sweatpants have no place in men’s activewear anymore. You’ll still find plenty of trendy menswear stores, like Differio, selling both styles of workout pants.

It’s just that leggings for men are much more practical for working out, whether you’re a novice athlete or professional bodybuilder. Despite your own intentions for buying meggings, these are the top five reasons why so many fit guys are giving in to the tights-and-meggings trend.

1. The fabric is more practical for both high and low intensity workouts

If you’ve ever worked out in loose-fit sweatpants for men, you already know the bottom hems tend to slow you down. If they’re too long, they’ll drag on the floor and get shredded to pieces. If they’re too baggy, they get bunched up or start riding down your waist.

Meggings come without any of the annoying quirks of lounge sweats. They’re designed with different spandex blends, so you’re going to get a ton of movement and breathability. Most fabrics are super lightweight, which won’t leave a lingering odor or obvious sweat stains. Despite how tight they look from a distance, they’re actually incredibly comfortable. Let’s just say, once you put them on, you won’t want to take them off.

2. You can wear meggings almost anywhere, not just the gym

It’s really a rumor that you can’t wear mens leggings outside the gym. As long as you know how to style them properly, you can pull off mens fashion leggings at the mall to the beach. For starters, you’ll never go wrong with a pair of solid black leggings for men.

Solid, neutral-colored meggings can be paired with everything from sexy workout clothes to loose-fit streetwear tees. There’s even an online stylish menswear store – – that sells mens workout tights that are sexy enough for the bedroom!

3. Men’s compression tights actually improve circulation

Aside from versatility and functionality, leggings for men can actually improve your circulation. However, there’s a catch to this. You need to particularly look for mens compression pants that specify that they enhance performance.

Sometimes, “men’s compression tights” are used interchangeably with meggings, so be aware of where you’re buying your leggings. Some athletes claim to sleep in their men’s tights to improve inflammation in their quads, glutes, hips and calves.

4. It’s never a hassle to fit meggings inside both work or gym bags

If you’re never worn meggings before, you’ll be amazed at how lightweight they are compared to fleece sweatpants. Since most leggings and running tights for men are made from stretchy spandex, they feel like a second skin. You can pretty much ball them up so that they’re small enough to fit inside virtually any messenger bag, duffle bag or gym bag. Trust us – just try it for yourself. Meggings might even fit into the pocket of your cargo shorts.

5. They make your legs and butt look amazing

Let’s get real – after all that hard work, you want to wear sexy workout clothes that are going to do your legs justice. You didn’t just break a PR on leg day just to hide them under baggy sweatpants.

Mens workout leggings are the best pants for showing off all angles of your legs. We wouldn’t be surprised if bodybuilders started showing off their bods in male leggings during competition. The spandex fabric has a way of hitting light in all the right places.

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