Nowadays, finding love virtually is more common than ever, but you won’t be going anywhere if you don’t know what to say. These online dating chat tips can help you find the one.

Creating an online dating profile and finding someone you think is attractive is easy enough. What’s not quite as easy is talking to them in a way that forges a connection. More often than not, people blow their chances at something really great simply because they don’t know what to say when chatting online. This is why you will definitely benefit from some online dating chat tips that will help you hook that special person right off the bat.

We all know it’s all about first impressions. If they don’t even like or get a good feeling while chatting online with you, why would they like you in person? Sometimes you just need to give them a little push so they can meet you and see how much you truly have to offer. Using some of these online dating chat tips will help you do just that.

1. Don’t be overly aggressive

Some people may find aggressive behavior attractive in person, but it’s a little off-putting online. If you come out right away and start talking about how great you are and how much you have to offer, it just makes you look like an ass. No one is really looking for that.

If you’re going to be aggressive about anything, let it be about the things you love and the things you’re passionate about. That makes you seem like an energetic person while not making you seem too aggressive. Too much aggression can also come across as desperate and that’s definitely not something you want to show someone.

2. Treat it like a conversation and not an interview

Too many people hop online to find their soul mate and start asking question after question as if they’re at a job interview. Well, I have news for you: people don’t like job interviews. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being targeted and that if they accidentally say the wrong thing, they’ll be out.

Instead, avoid all of the common “interview” type questions. Don’t ask about their job or where they grew up or where they see themselves in 5 years. Ask meaningful questions that speak to their character and who they are as a person. This is one of the most important online dating chat tips because it’ll help you get to the meat of a person the quickest and the subtlest way and make them feel like you truly care about them.

3. Use some humor but not sexual humor

The person you connect with online doesn’t really get your sense of humor yet. They can’t hear your tone of voice and pick up on cues that mean you’re joking. Which means if you make sex jokes, they might not be able to tell you’re kidding.

This is a major issue because you’ll come across like all you want is sex. It’s perfectly fine if that is what you want, but if you’re going through online dating, you want a relationship too. Nobody wants to date someone who only wants to use them for sex.

4. Make a connection

People put stuff in their dating profile for a reason. They want to find someone who has something in common with them. Even if you can only find one thing that the two of you have in common, talk about it as early as you can in the conversation. When someone realizes they have a connection with another person, they tend to be more open to discussion with them.

For example, if they have a dog in their profile picture, talk about how you grew up with a few dogs – but only if you actually did. Showing the other person you already have something in common so early will get them excited for the possibility of a deeper connection.

5. Ask about what they enjoy doing, not what they do for a living

Not everyone likes their job. If you’re passionate and love yours, that’s great! But some people aren’t really happy with their careers and asking them about it might bring up some less than pleasant feelings. And that means they’ll associate you with those unhappy feelings.

What you can do instead is ask what they like to do for fun. Right away, you’re getting to know something really important about them while making them associate you with a good memory. So ask about their passions, interests, hobbies and anything else that makes them happy. This will also give you amazing date ideas if you just so happen to get that far.

Dating is hard enough when you meet in person and even harder when you have to talk virtually. In order to up your chances of a real-life date, use these online dating chat tips for a smooth, effective conversation.

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