Getting old belongs to the bold. Many are likely to argue that the same idea applies to dating beyond the 60s. Men could be fewer than women during these times. The dating landscape is also different from back when you’re still in your 20s. It could be that you didn’t have a wonderful experience on love, leaving you hesistant about finding a new mate at this phase in life.

60 and Flirty

Many dating coaches are positive about 60-somethings engaging in a romantic relationship. It is important that women find excitement in dating. According to dating expert David Wygant, men are likely to shy away from dating because they fear rejection or lack the confidence to get back in the game. But with older women, they have the capacity to connect and have the opportunity to get into a romantic involvement.

Here are basic things women might have missed out: smiling and approaching men first. Women shouldn’t be afraid to make the first move. If this simply turns your knees into jelly, you can practice some of these activities.

Virtual Flirting

If you’re familiar with social media, you can reconnect with fellow seniors. You may have a school reunion happening anytime soon so take advantage of this event. If you happen to meet someone you’re attracted to during one of the events, just casually say hi to them in LinkedIn or Facebook. From here, you can tell if they’re committed or married so keep things casual and friendly.
You can let your close friends know that you’re actively dating again. They might have someone in mind in their circle of friends.

Strike a conversation

Go to places where you’re likely to get into a conversation with fellow seniors. Casually start conversations with women you’re attracted to. Some older women may be hanging out in a nearby coffee shop. You can start a conversation when you’re on the line while waiting for your orders to be taken. When you get to your table, don’t immediately pull out your phone or book. Survey the room and make eye contact if you see someone of interest.

The most basic questions like how the muffins tasted good in that coffee shop is a good start. Just to keep in mind to be authentic. At this point in time, you’d want to establish a friendly connection.

Take a Stroll in the Park

You can opt to go to a park and have the grandkids along. Or bring with your pet with you. There’s a higher tendency that people will naturally gravitate towards you. It’s an opportunity to also make new friends too along the way.

Visit Local Gatherings

If you love visiting local museums or art galleries, you can attend special events for these. It could be that there’s a gathering in town that plays jazz or 50s music. If you have a passion for reading, a local bookshop could also be a place to chance upon a fellow who also loves the same things you do.
Be sure to set expectations. There will be instances where you may get into a conversation with a person you like and they happen to be committed.

There are online platforms that promote events for local cities. You can join virtual communities that share the same passion that you do. There are also age-specific events that you can look into to mingle with people your age.

Hitting the Gym

A gym is a place where people of all ages come to workout. It will be a dual-purpose activity on your end. Any people you meet in the gym are interested in fitness. There is a possibility that you may be able to meet a fellow senior who may be working out. Make every opportunity to connect not just romantically but also to build human connections.

Try Online Dating

You can go for online dating. Since it is data-based, you may find single seniors who are also looking to get involved romantically. Places like Eharmony and are common sites for these types of meet-ups. If you’re a little shy about dating, you can opt to check these sites and find eligible seniors. Check out OnlineForLove‘s article about eHarmony for old people, which provides helpful tips and insights on how to navigate the site and make meaningful connections. With online dating, you can take your time, be yourself, and potentially find a wonderful romantic relationship with another senior who is also looking for companionship and love.

This may be daunting for seniors. Women and men alike, dating during your 60s is not impossible. But, it may take some change in mindset to turn your love life around.

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