There is no doubt that the world has become more violent than ever, as we see horrid situations in the news or the internet every day. Some leading to severe injuries and even death. Have you ever thought that the same thing could happen to you? We rarely do, but the fact is no one is immune to attackers.

The best thing is to be better prepared for such situations. Self-defense is something that everyone, especially those living in the violent neighborhood should know. It gives you confidence and protection in case an attacker strikes. Here are some of the most effective self-defense tips that can help in any type of attack:

1. Make Yourself Harder to Hold

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In almost all cases, the attacker will come from the behind and wrap his arm around you. The trick is to make your body hard to hold to give him a hard time. To do that, you need to drop your weight and lower your base as much as you can. Start with bending your knees and drop your butts to make yourself heavier and difficult for the attacker to move you around. Thrash from side to side and that will start loosening the grip. Make the thrashing intense and including hitting the attacker around the groin. If you break free, run for your life as fast as you can.

2. Choke Attach- Target the thumbs

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Choke attack is one the most common especially with thieves and burglars. It is also one of the most dangerous attacks since it can cause death to the victim. If you are being choked, then best self-defense is aiming for the thumb and not the fingers. That is because thumbs are what gives grip to the attacker. The best way to go about it is slipping your thumb and index finger hook through the attacker’s hands and pull against their thumbs. Kick the attacker as you rip off their hand off your neck and that will provide you with a chance to break free.

3. Breaking Free from a Headlock

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Headlock is another common technique used by attackers. In this case, the attacker will have the elbow on one side of the neck and a hand on the other. To free yourself, go to the side where the hands are. You need to bring your thumb to the side of the index finger to form a C shape hooks. Use these hooks to tear off the attacker’s hands away from your neck. That will help you breathe safely. Now you can start kicking the attacker to find an opportunity to break free.

4. Clench Your Fist Correctly

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It is important to learn how to clench your fist correct since you might be forced to fight for your life. The reason why you need to learn this is to help you get the maximum force generated at the fist a hard hit. Don’t expose your thumb and don’t hide under your finger. Your thumb should always fold last and rest on other fingers. This helps to avoid severe injuries while punching. However, you must not be holding anything like keys in the hands while folding a fist.

5. Hit the Weak Points

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If you get yourself engaged in a fight, then you don’t just punch for the sake of punching. For self-defense, you don’t waste your energy punching arms and chest or hitting legs. Get the weak points if you want to subdue the attacker easily. Hit the groin, eyes, nose, and the lower jaws. These are areas that are likely to breed or making breathing difficult, and they are the best bet for damage on attackers. These parts are perfect targets, especially if you are dealing with someone physically stronger than you.

6. Carry Pepper Spray with You

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This is a very important tip for women and elderly living in violent neighborhoods. Since bullies and thugs could be physically stronger and have martial art skills, then you need something that can keep them away. Carry pepper spray with you always. But you must keep it in the right place- in your pocket is the perfect place since that you can reach it instantly when in danger and run away.

These are the six most effective self-defense tips that can help you minimize injuries and save your life during an attack. They are simple and easy to practice and can save a life if properly applied. Being able to protect yourself doesn’t mean that you go looking for trouble. If you know a particular neighborhood is rough, avoid it. Keep safe always, and stay as fit as you can.

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