What foods will you make you hornier? That’s right. Food is definitely something that can actually boost your sex drive. In fact, these foods have been known to get you riled up and ready to go.

When it comes to things that’ll make you horny, you probably don’t consider food to be among them. Sure, you may refer to food as “orgasmic,” but that doesn’t mean it actually gave you an orgasm. However, there really are foods that exist that are able to boost your sex drive.

You may have heard of foods as being aphrodisiacs. That’s a fancy name for saying once you eat those foods, you’ll be hot and horny and ready to go. Each of these foods contains a certain chemical that, when ingested or inhaled, gets your blood pumping.

1. Wine

This has been a well-known food that boosts your sex drive. Many people even drink wine specifically on dates for that exact reason. It increases their odds of getting lucky because their dates get all riled up.

The way wine actually increases your libido is by stimulating the most primitive part of your brain, the hypothalamus. Thanks to the ethanol in wine, it brings special attention to your most basic needs including hormone levels, temperature, hunger and yes, that means sex, too.

2. Chocolate

Again, this is a popular aphrodisiac and we’ve known about it for a very long time. Chocolate makes you horny simply because of the high levels of serotonin. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a hormone that is largely responsible for feelings of happiness and feeling good in general.

And when you’re feeling good, you feel confident and confidence often leads to some lustful feelings. Plus, who doesn’t love chocolate? Ending the night with some chocolate dipped strawberries will increase the romance and when things get romantic, they get intimate.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Not only are these actually really good for you, they’re also packed with zinc, which, according to Dr. Tasneem Bhatia in her book What Doctors Eat, boost testosterone levels.

Many studies have shown that higher levels of testosterone in women give them a much higher sex drive. This has to do with the fact that testosterone, in general, is responsible for fantasies, sexual desires, and pleasure through sensual touching. This is largely why men tend to have higher sex drives than women. They naturally have higher levels of testosterone. Which means boosting those natural levels will increase a person’s libido even more.

Obviously, the best way to eat sunflower seeds is by tossing them on a salad or making them homemade after a cute pumpkin carving date.

4. Oysters

One of the first foods you probably think about when you hear the word “aphrodisiac” is oysters. It’s one of the most well-known foods that help to increase your libido and it all has to do with the hormones.

Oysters contain the specific amino acids, D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate, which help to increase testosterone in men and progesterone in women. Both of which have been proven to increase sex drive.

In fact, men who have issues with a low libido can often benefit by eating foods rich in testosterone. Adding oysters into your regular diet can help regulate your sex drive and increase your libido if it’s low.

5. Watermelon

This might not be a food you think of as one that’ll boost your sex drive but it’s actually very akin to Viagra. The main component of this food that makes you so horny are the levels of citrulline.

This is a chemical that has the power to relax blood vessels. Which means there’s an increase of blood flow to your sex organs and that’s why you feel hornier after eating it.

It’s particularly useful for men with erectile dysfunction. Citrulline mainly works by relaxing blood vessels, however, it also increases levels of nitric oxide in the blood. These higher levels are necessary for increasing blood flow specifically to the penis, which in turn makes a man not only hornier but also able to perform.

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6. Red Grapes

Since wine gets a person all horny, it only makes sense that red grapes do, too. However, it works in a much different way than wine does to increase your libido.

Red grapes contain a great amount of boron, which has been shown to increase your levels of estrogen and testosterone. Since we’ve already been over how testosterone can work to boost your sex drive in both men and women, let’s talk about how estrogen works.

Basically, boron helps to regulate hormones. When your hormones are out of sync, it’ll decrease your libido and make you not want to have sex. Ensuring you’re getting a healthy amount of boron in your diet can help balance those hormones, which will increase your sex drive.

7. Bananas

Yes, Bananas contain bromelain, a chemical that actually works to increase testosterone, which we already know makes you hornier. Add a banana to your everyday diet and you’ll always be down for some fun in bed.

Another food high in bromelain is pineapple, more specifically, the center of a pineapple. Just be careful not to eat too much or you can end up with uncomfortable side effects.

8. Soy Foods

If you’re looking for something to get the ladies in the mood, look no further. Since soy foods contain isoflavone compounds that work like estrogen. This helps to keep a woman’s lady bits nice and lubricated, which actually increase sexual desire and pleasure.

9. Bell Peppers

If you’re not eating bell peppers regularly, you’re definitely missing out. These little suckers contain 600% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin c. And since vitamin c increases your blood circulation, it definitely gets your blood flowing in the right area.

It’s also essential for the synthesis of hormones likes estrogen, which also increases a person’s sex drive.

10. Avocados

Yes, this superfood can get better. Since avocados are super rich in vitamin b6, they help you get a big boost of energy. Vitamin b6 has also been shown to increase levels of prolactin, a libido boosting hormone.

Now you know exactly what to eat to get yourself – or your amazing date – in the mood. Sit back, relax, have some wine, and let them work their magic on your body.

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