It’s that time of the year where heart-themed cards, chocolates, and flowers are selling like pancakes. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this might be a little overwhelming for many guys. Should you bring her to this fancy restaurant? Should you give her an expensive gift? What’s the best way to celebrate?

While it seems like the norm is to do grand gestures of love, the reality is that some girls might not really care so much and they want to do things differently. That’s why we have created a list of the things that girls might really want to get for Valentine’s. This way, you’ll have an idea of what you should get and you can spare yourself from all the expensive click-baity gifts that you see online.

Treat your girl and yourself to a couple's retreat this Valentine's Day

Let your girl relax and give her a full day of pampering

There’s no better way to show your love than to make her feel that you care. She might be stressed out from work or just exhausted from all the things that she has to juggle on the daily. This Valentine’s Day, why not just treat her to a full day of pampering, complete with a couple’s massage and foot spa. This will definitely make her feel like things have been lifted off her shoulders — even just for a day. Plus, it will be a great way to pamper yourself, too. Win-win.

Get her favorite makeup

If you have a girlfriend who’s truly gaga over makeup, why not give her one of her favorite items? Plus points if you can have a look at the brands and shades of what she’s currently using. Don’t think you can handle shopping or snooping around? Go ahead and give her a gift card from Sephora (or her favorite brand) instead. We promise you, she’ll use it and she’ll be grateful for a thoughtful and quite practical gift.

Do an activity together

Is your girl dying to try paintball or rock climbing? How about a nice painting session? If you know an activity that your partner has always wanted to try, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do it together. Sign up for that poetry class or try out that latest VR Live in that nearby mall. Sometimes, it’s not about getting items, but really just having fun together and making the most of the time that you have.

Not sure what to give your hopeless romantic partner? Go old school and write her a love letter.

Write her a love letter

Is your girlfriend a hopeless romantic? One of the most overlooked yet truly dramatic (and romantic) ways of declaring your love is through love letters. Don’t do it over e-mail or create a long social media post. Make it extra personal and do it the old school way: with a pen and paper, and a whole lot of effort. We know it might feel corny at first, but we promise you, it’s something that your girlfriend will treasure.

Go on a staycation and have some wine

Are you the type of couple who likes to stay in and is just too lazy to go out? If that’s who you are, you might want to consider going on a staycation in a cute B&B with your favorite movies, bottles of wine, and your favorite snacks. Gifts are nice, but having quiet and fun moments together is just equally amazing.