Cases of obesity in children have been alarming in the recent years. What is even more scaring is the increase of lifestyle conditions in children and teens. According to the, 1 in 3 children is either obese or overweight in the United States. However, most of these cases are attributed to a poor lifestyle where kids have become less active since they spend most of their time watching TV, tablets, computers and other electronic devices for entertainment.

If you’ve got kids and you want them to grow up fit and healthy, you need to introduce them to an active lifestyle. Regular physical exercises are the most recommended way to manage weight naturally. However, you must give the kids an option that is as the entertaining as the electronic gadgets. So what are the best tips for staying active? Well, we have rounded up 5 tips for staying active with kids and family. Check out these tips.

Work out With Your Kids

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Working out is an excellent way of keeping fit and healthy. Having proper workout with the entire family is a great secret that will help you manage weight naturally. But there are different ways that you get your kids involved in work. First, you can join a fitness club that accommodates kids. There are various programs that are crafted to help even the young ones burn calories such as yoga moves. If you cannot find such fitness club, you can do it at home. Design moves that can help your kids burn calories. You can also download fitness videos or join online classes. There are numerous family fitness videos online to choose from.

Plan Outdoor Activities

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Planning outdoor activities is another great way to improve physical fitness. However, the choice of the activities must be entertaining to the kids if you want to get 100 percent involved. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for the kids to like the idea of participating in outdoor activities regularly. The new generation of kids is exposed to too much technology and thus most of the outdoor should include this aspect.

For instance, you can try geocaching, which is the modern treasure hunt game where participant uses GPS devices to track ‘geocaches’. It is a fun outdoor activity for both adults and children of all ages. Geocaching is a game that you can play a whole. Flying drones is another outdoor activity that is popular with kids. Flying drones are quite entertaining and can be done anywhere even in your compound. But you must ensure that you have selected the best drones for the kids. Read the review here to help you get the best drone for kids.

Join Fun Runs/ Charity Walks

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Social activities such as charity runs provide a great platform for families to engage in physical exercises. To incorporate everyone in the society, most event organizers design family activities which you can join and have fun. The best thing about such is that to participate you need prior training as a family. So it is not just a one-day activity. The more events you get involved in the more you train and consequently improving your family’s overall physical fitness and health.

Switch up the School Run

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If the school is just around your place, it is not advisable to drop and pick your kids in your car. Then you should think of walking or cycling. Let kids walk or cycle to and from the school and that will be a great form if physical exercises. It will not only help them burn calories and lose weight but also reduce stress and improve their overall fitness levels. You can as well join them every morning and pick them from school to ensure that the entire family is benefiting.

Make Home Chores Fun

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Do you know that home chores can be one way of helping your family get active? Well, that is the truth. Some of the house chores such as cleaning the house, rearranging furniture and cleaning dishes can be turned into a game. What you need is to do it together and try to beat the set time and always try to bit it next time. That means you will be working extra harder and that will mean sweating which is a sign of burning calories.

Making physical exercises fun is the best way to get your kid involved and consequently improve their physical fitness. But you need to select exercises activities that kids will like. With the listed 5 tips for staying active with kids and family, you will never experience overweight or obese conditions in your family. They will also help you to prevent and eliminate lifestyle diseases, which is one of the health scares today.

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